Ricardo Oliva, the cyberlawyer
  • Ricardo Oliva León

    Attorney at law – Professor of law


My professional activity as a lawyer is related to the internet and cybercrime, digital entrepreneurship, tech companies and disruptive innovation.

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Hire me as a speaker
Hire me as a speaker


I am the founder of nationally recognized legal innovation projects where I am lucky to collaborate with top professionals:

The legal dictionary consulted by Spanish speakers.

Lenguaje Jurídico
Lenguaje Jurídico

The online portal for lawyers, law and legal tech.

Juristas con Futuro
Juristas con Futuro

About me

Here you’ll find my detailed professional profile

Efficient planner

I am an analytical, strategic, practical, responsible, committed and competitive professional. Thanks to effective time management I am able to participate in multiple projects simultaneously, with good results.

Creative and passionate

I love challenges because I strongly believe that without them nobody can improve. I am fascinated by complex legal issues without an apparent solution because they allow me to combine my technical knowledge, experience and creativity to resolve them successfully.


I strive to create value in everything I do. Therefore, obtaining satisfactory results and exceeding the expectations of my clients and colleagues are key in my professional work.

Multicultural and multidisciplinary

I enjoy working in multicultural environments. I have lived in several countries and am used to dealing with people of different ages, nationalities and professions. I always learn something new from others so I am open to give and receive feedback from them.

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